Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Put an X on the calendar!

So.....I know you must have been missing me lately....I have been working on a milestone at the SoDak house. We are venturing into the unknown......we are entering Elementary school. That is right folks. I am going to be a PTA momma. I know from the pictures below, the ones showing my think PTA stands for pretty tight a$$.....but, you would be incorrect my friends......yes you would. PTA stands stands for something that has to do with the school, and meetings....and carnivals.....and box tops....something like that. Yeah, I am gonna do it. Yesterday we walked Sass to Kindergarten......

Sass.....waiting patiently for his momma and Fash to be ready for our short stroll to school. He chose not to eat breakfast, though I made one of his favorite breakfast foods.....lemon poppy-seed muffins, (or bald cup-cakes if you will) I think he was a bit nervous. It is a BIG deal around these parts......they go ALL DAY, 7 hours!

Sass decided he would like to scooter all the way to school. He also chose to end that, and gave over the scooter to Fash by the time we got to the corner. I think the nerves were getting to him a bit.
By the time we got to school......and he posed his....."I got this mom" smile.....I knew everything was going to be alright. He also agreed to give me a hug on our walk BEFORE we got to school. I feared he would not want to give over the know, trying to be cool and all. He told me I could have a little hug when we got there........
Yeah, I didn't get the hug I was hoping for......I did get a "knuckle bar" though.....and I settled for that. Hey at least he chose to wear his Glenwood Springs T-shirt for his first day, showing his momma some love. I do love him the reddest.....that is for sure!

Fash sat himself down in this chair when we got there, I think he planned to stay as well. He settled for me taking a picture of him. Yeah, I love Fash the bluest, make no mistake.

I hope your new transitions go as smoothly as mine did. I guess I am going to have to let them grow......I can keep fighting it, or I can show them I am thrilled with their growth. Ack....sometimes it hurts to make the right choice.

**Sass was wiped out when we picked him up......he said the day was like 17 hours when he woke up, he said he wasn't going to school.....he was just going to put an X on the calendar, and stay home.......I just pretended he didn't say anything.....and took him to school......He told me it was a super day, and went by in like 17 seconds.....we are getting somewhere aren't we!**

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Planes--Trams--and Automobiles....

I have returned from my extravagant weekend with some Hawt--totally hawt--woman! I felt like I was at girls camp for grown know, without the latrines, or the 8 girls riding up in the brown station wagon....embarrassed that their mom is driving.....the bathrooms were fantastic Carrie! Annie was super chauffeur in the beauty mobiles!

Annie and Carrie were complete hostess-with-the-mostess.....better than any Hostess cupcake....which is saying a lot if you know me.

I don't think I can do the weekend want a will find it here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

I want to tell you about my trip BACK!

We started the drop offs at the airport at about 6:30 flight was at 9:00 I had a little time to burn...not too much, but a little.

I was sitting at gate 8:00 am.....after much casing of the joint, I sat down with my lovely book.......'announcement' "Flight 544 service to Minneapolis/St. Paul has changed gates to C36." *I was just comfortable...alright....moving now*

* back to my book*

'announcement' "flight 544 service to MSP has been delayed due to weather, and construction....O'Hara flights are being re-routed to MSP...and there is not enough air traffic control to handle the incoming planes." I have another hour and a half. I have wandered all that I can in concourse C.....maybe I should just wander over to Concourse B.....on the Tram.

*return.....dejected......same stuff over there, as there was here* Guess it is back to the book.

*ACK....I am so bored....maybe I will check over in Concourse A......something is a possibility...*

* see one CO shop....I guess you have seen them all....and no sir....I do not care for your pint of milk which costs $2.99*

* bored....going to ride the tram again.....why....because I can!*

FINALLY....I get to board the plane. So what if I am row 25 of 26 doesn't really matter right.....WRONG!

It does matter.....when the Captain says, "good day ladies and seems there is some failure with the exit door....and we are having maintenance look it over....we should be off the ground in no time.

Reading....ignoring....reading.....ignoring.....long time passing.....

Captain, "good day ladies and seems when maintenance was fixing the door, there was an error in testing it, and it caused the exit door to fly off, and the exit ramp to inflate....the parts to fix this are in MSP.....we will be exiting the aircraft, and you will need to speak to Customer service about adjusting your flight."

This is where sitting in row 25 is a supreme bummer.......then you are severely at the end of the LONG line wanting to get your flight changed.

* calls....waiting*

We did that for awhile, then they told us to go back to gate C38, as we were taking their plane, and they could all go and sit at gate C36 to wait for the part to fix our plane......sorry sucka's....I am getting out of here! After all......I still have a 7 hour automobile ride ahead of me when I get to my "final destination!"

We got home around midnight.....not bad for starting at 6:30 am......took an automobile to the airport.....tram to the airplane.....tram again, just is a good time....airplane....automobile......and not once did I have my hand between two pillows!

Thanks girls for a great weekend, I would do my trip back 50 times over, after the weekend we had, it was so worth it!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I leave you with this ditty--

The first time I was told I should get a was because I wrote the ditty below on someone's old blog....obviously....I found it amusing....because then I posted it on someone else's blog....and they told me I needed to get my own blog.....sooooo, either they thought they wanted to hear more from me, or they were kicking me out of their a "get your own" sort of either case.....I continued to bother them both.....and NOW I AM GOING ON VACATION TO SEE THEM.....SO LONG SUCKA'S......yeah, um...see you when I get back.

Enjoy this, until then.

Well, I felt compelled to join you, Annie in your quest of hairy legs. I have succeeded, and have decided to have a go at a waxing. I have an appointment on Thursday.....she suggested I take some Tylenol, and a bottle of wine before I come in! I told her she was freaking me out, and she told me she was kidding, but I am not really sure she was.....ah, the price of beauty...I will let you know how the ordeal goes!

Waxing 101...The woman calls me this morning, to ask me to exfoliate for our tomorrow session, and incidentally, wanted me to be aware the session is expected to last about an hour and a half........what have I gotten myself into? here is the low-down. I arrive for my appointment a couple of minutes early (what was I thinking?) and began to sweat, which I found to be most unpleasant! My visions of the woman who would be pulling my hair out by the ROOT....were getting uglier, and uglier. I thought perhaps she would have black hair pulled back into a ponytail, so tight she might resemble a face lift gone bad. She might also have one of those mountainous moles on the left side of her chin with 4 long black hairs protruding from it.....a bit long in the tooth, all dressed in a too tight white nurse suit, and black nursing shoes. Thankfully, I was pleasantly mistaken. She was adorable, which of course is also deceiving. Made me forget for a moment what I signed up for, she can't be this cute and torture me, can she? She was about 35, four months pregnant, glasses, mary janes, and an adorable maternity outfit, which sort of made her look like a belly dancer.She walked me back to our little room, which was painted in "ocean" colors (her wording) she asked if I would be most comfortable in my own grunders (my word) or did I want to wear her disposable grunders? I told her this was my first Rodeo, and I wasn't sure. She just laughed and tossed a package on the dentist chaise. It looked like a short white cigar, or a tampon.....hesitate....what to do....grab the package and open it. I unrolled my little package....and I indeed did laugh out loud. This was not underwear! This was a piece of gauze about a foot long, strung with a itty bit of elastic! Was she joking....what... I put them! She came into the room, as I lay on the dentist chair, covered in a sheet....the chair, not I was out there for all to see.....or at least for Miss Mary to see. I started to laugh uncontrollably, which I think may have frightened her, because she looked all around the room to see what was funny. Well, I told her I was taking one for the team, and reporting back to my friends blog from my I had her nervous! Told me she was going to start at my ankles, and work her way up. She had me put my knee up, I suppose so I couldn't see anything, I felt her apply a thin coat of wax with a tongue depressor.....felt like she covered about half the area on the front part of my lower leg, from ankle to knee. She then said, "do you want me to warn you, or do you---RIIIIPPPPP!!!!!!!!! Holy Canoli....I guess go with the surprise, I guess that is what I choose.....I am certain I cursed in another language, though I am only fluent in English curse words, I am perdy, darn sure I said some sort of profanity! Then I started to she continued to apply, and RIIIPPPP!!! I continued with an "Ohhh, then giggle" It was totally bizarre, it wasn't as if I was enjoying myself....because let me be very clear on was not what I would classify as a good time. But I couldn't help but giggle afterwards. It was this crazy pain, then she would apply pressure to the spot she just ripped off, and I would giggle. I suppose because it no longer hurt, following the pressure, and I was slightly embarrassed, that I was going through the whole ordeal, of saying "ohhhh...." recalling to myself, I am in a small room, half naked, with a pregnant woman, and three crock pots of hot wax...Giggle...Giggle....It was the strangest feeling. Some areas were far more sensitive than others, for instance....ankles....not a good time.....backs of my knees....quite unpleasant.....bikini line.......NOT NICE! Overall.....two hours later.....Yes my dears, two hours later, don't know if it was just that I was removing a fur coat, or if that was average....she told me it was average for a first timer....She also assured me I was not "offensive" in any way. She says a lot of times, she doesn't even really think about what she is actually doing, but rather, just pleased when she has a really good pull....which by the way, calculates as, a really bad pull for me.....I was a bit surprised that I wasn't embarrassed, partly this occurred I think because, after the first pull, I figured she and I must be best friends if I didn't just punch her in the face for putting me through that, but rather, allowed her to continue. So....I think I am going to probably be asked to be her birthing partner, now that we are so close....after we were complete, she told me I would need to schedule an appointment in about a week for a touch up, being the hair grows in three different stages.....and she will do that for free....sounds like something she might have made up, just so she can see me again....what do you think?

Oh.....and by the way, no blood was shed, and I have never had legs this smooth, even minutes after shaving with a new razor! And I kept the disposable underwear for future amusement! ;)

If you would like a visual of my you go. Go ahead, click'll like it.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

When left to their own devices.....

My sweet, sweet babies let their mom and dad sleep in a little bit today......

First interuption..."mom, can we both have a treat?"

" may make you and your brother some cereal."

Second interuption..."mom, Sass didn't get me a fruit snack...."

*from the background...."Yes sir! I shared mine with you!"

"Fash....Sass was not supposed to have a fruit should feel lucky he shared with you before I knew he had it."


No more interuptions for an hour and a half!

Then.......I got up......I should not have done that.......

I walked into the living smile faded.

"Are you guys eating Dorito$?......Are you guys eating Dorito$ with the couch as your plate?....How many granola bars did you eat?........Is that p!aydough on the living room carpet?.....Why are there cookie cutters on the carpet? Where is the rest of the
p!aydough?..........Why is it in the bathroom sink? Why are all the school supplies scattered on the kitchen floor? Did you make gat0rade? Where is the rest of the gat0rade powder? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PUT IT ALL IN THE PITCHER?"

**I am going to just go back to bed......THIS DAY did NOT start out the way I had hoped.**

Would you believe I walked back into the bedroom with my head down........and Mister is LAUGHING!!!

Laughing with him I said....."SERIOUSLY! What were we thinking, it would be fun to sleep in......that was not fun!"

Sunday, August 5, 2007

First and ten....Warning--NOT FOOTBALL

So...this is my first and ten......has nothing to do with football. I don't even know what 1st and 10 means, or if it is really called that......Don't bother telling me what it means either.....Mister has tried to explain it to me a million times.......all I really hear is *bzzzzz.....whah....whah....bzzzz.....whah....whah*

Nope this is a list of 10 of my firsts......Rated G!

1. 1st time driving----I was 13 years bruv was my was in the church parking lot, during Stake Conferance.......(shhh....don't tell) What was I supposed to do, the American 100 countdown, was only on Sunday, and sometimes you just have to listen to Casey Kasum.

2. 1st automobile----My first car was a Fiat was chocolate brown.....stick shift....two seater....removable hard top.....she was a beaut! I bought it for $4500.00, seems insane that I would pay that much for a car, at 16....but I did! So Grandma had to co-sign for the loan.....but she was mine. I taught about 6 of my friends to drive stick shift in that car......great car. I wonder if it is still driving around in Fruita........Annie?

3. 1st time I had stitches----7 years old....I was going to race bruv to soccer practice. He was on one side of the street, I was on the other. I was watching him, and running at the same time....tripped over the sidewalk......and blam! Cut my forehead open. I had to get 4 stitches.....the Doctor asked if the sidewalk was okay....I was NOT amused. I also got blood on my new tennies.....THAT made me even madder!

4. 1st time I shaved my legs----12 years old, I decided, as I was going on my first temple trip, I should shave my just never know, I figured I would be laughed at with my super hairy legs. Mom had told me I couldn't.....did anyway...I ended up cutting my thigh about a 4" strip.......had to tell mom.....yeah....I guess I learned my lesson.

5. 1st name at that baptism--The name of the 1st person I was baptized for was Mildred....what an awesome experience.

6. 1st boyfriend--He lived in Ouray, CO, an hour and a half from Fruita.... His name was Paul....we met at a new year's eve party for S.A.D.D. we were the same height.....THEN I GREW! By the time we broke up.....6 months later, I was 4 inches taller than him.....I think that might be why we broke up....I have a sneaking feeling!

7. 1st kiss--14....I know, I know....whatever...the worst part happened at Youth Conference....outside the dorms at Snow, his name was Harlan....yeah, I know it gets worse.....we got busted by one of the leaders, who flashed a flash-light in our faces......we ran......yeah, so.....I didn't do that again until I was 16....I guess I learned my lesson.

8. 1st airplane ride--I was 16, with my mother, and my 11 month old brother. We flew to New York, for my cousin's wedding in New Jersey......I had never even met her.....but...they bought us plane tickets, so we went.......was exciting, except the part where my brother screamed almost the entire flight!

9. 1st time I had a steak dinner--19, Annie found out I had never had a steak, and took me to dinner for my 19th was amazing.....She is the best! I can't remember the name of the restaurant...but it was across from the Ally Cat off Main street, started with an O I think, Annie will remember. I saved half of it, because I thought it was so amazing....I wanted to savor it. BLAST! Took it home, someone else finished it. I hate when that happens.

10. 1st house--The first house we bought together was in Plymouth Minnesota, in 1999. It was built in 1946. We bought it from the original is a quirky little house. It is across the street from the house my husband grew up in, and his parents still own, and the house his mother grew up in. We put a lot of money into it. We couldn't stomach the idea of selling it when we moved to SD.....we rent it out now, and maybe we will get to retire in it, who knows.

That is my 1st and about some of your firsts?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Very first Meme.....(yeah, ummm....what the heck does that mean?)

Huffalump over at I blog about nothing has tagged me for a meme. This is my first time, so go easy on me.

4 Jobs I've had: Seriously, had so many….I will just pick the most interesting

1. I was a bedding plants manager during the summer…..I kill plants….odd job for me to have.
2. A supervisor at a 5 star fishing resort in Alaska (that’s right, Jon Denver gave us a concert on the beach the year before he died….I opened his beer….me.)
3. Ski clothing supervisor of Sporting goods store….I can't ski, I never even made it past the bunny hill.
4. Shift supervisor at Taco Bell when I was 16….I still love the Taco Bell

4 Places I've lived:

1. Fruita, CO
2. Corvallis, OR
3. Waterfall, AK
4. Plymouth, MN

4 favorite TV shows: I never get to choose….blasted males in the house always have the remote

1. The Office
2. Mystery Diagnosis
3. Court TV—anything on there
4. That 70’s show

4 favorite foods:

1. Mexican food all the way. (I did not know my Father growing up, and I asked my mom once if he was Mexican, cuz I loved the food so much.) *snicker*
2. Chinese food.
3. Sushi
4. Sandwich with all the fixings, on some delicious crusty bread, some pesto..mmm.

4 Websites I frequent:


4 Places I'd rather be right now:

1. Colorado visiting Bruv
2. At a blog gathering, near me.
3. Alaska.
4. On a honeymoon with Mister

4 Movies: What, that I have starred in? Or that I like? I guess I will go with the ones I like.

1. Breakfast Club
2. Stella
3. Pretty Woman
4. Napoleon Dynamite