Friday, May 23, 2008

Jealous much??

My birthday was yesterday....oh yeah!

Where shall I begin? Let's start off my Birthday week (It is still going mind you can come out of the wood work and tell me Happy Birthday....I won't threaten, I don't even know if you stop by to visit me.....BUT if you should tell me Happy Birthday, because you like me...that is why.)

One Miss Tori :) sent me a funny Birthday card!

Then ON my Birthday, which was yesterday....(but you can still tell me Happy Birthday, because you are nice like that) I received in the mail a sweet card from my favorite little big girl Tall and short of it....blasted, that one made me cry! You know, told me how great I was and stuff.....

I spied a message on Aubrey, and Elastic Waist Band Lady's blogs wishing me Happy Birthday! With a link too.....they are good like that!

Then I got a super beautiful email from No Cool Story........she is SO COOL!

Then.....I spy....a package! What could it be? From my Birthday sister Aubrey! She sent me a lovely card.....AND......This is where your big time jealousy comes in......Tah Dah! Roll it on down!

See.....check out those gloves....well, glove....the other one is taking the shot....but it looked good too..........told you......JAAAIIILLLL-OUS!

Do you also spy in the pictures my beautiful Pansies? Courtesy of the one and only Mister.....I was out running errands.....yeah I know....ON my! I pulled into the driveway, and Mister was planting away! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Extra special bonus was I did not have to get my Designer gloves even dirty!! FANTASTIC!

THEN....I got one superb gift certificate from my Dear friend Annie....I am so grateful to know her and count her as my dearest friend! HA.....I knew her first.....cept for Carronin.....but....after that I knew her first.....TAKE that!

Then! Mister infiltrated my highly secure computer and sent out some sort of coded message to a list of folks from my address book......(not yet confirmed.....but I think that is what happened) as I was accosted by a barrage of emails wishing me one Happy Birthday! I got some great e-cards sent over too! Family phone calls rolled in until after yes my friends, it was a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! the end of the night....Birthday ruined.......why you ask? Because apparently Annie thought it would be a good idea to bet her blog on some kid......So......Birthday is ruined unless Annie comes back as an extra special Birthday surprise......Now you wouldn't let me down, after all these years would you? Who taught you how to drive stick shift? Who? Who took you to runs to Tac0 Bell for a bean burrito no onions extra sauce, crunchy taco and small Pepsi? Who.....I even sat quiet while you displeased the taco by taking the lettuce off, and moving the cheese down....and breaking your shell into chips....who? Me that's get back to blogging already!

Don't be too jealous or can be happy too......just not on MY birthday (which I will happily share with Aubrey!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mama ain't playin'

Looks like Mama is planning to make him stand out there for awhile!
Ought to be a pretty good lesson, one not easily forgotten! Don't you think?

He doesn't look very happy either like, maybe the lesson is already working?
Now this is a mom you don't mess with....Maybe you don't agree, if not......go visit some other happy blog.......

I wish there were some more mom's out there like her!

Mama AIN'T PLAYIN'!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Casa de So Dak!

Bringing us back to November......I told you I was trying to play catch up!

This past Thanksgiving, Bruv came out from Denver to stay with us! Yipee! I love it when Bruv comes for a visit! He is a really good cook, he tells me I am a good momma, the boys really love him, and he and Mister get along very well.
Extra bonus is....he loves to go shopping......we went out shopping a found some great things....all for ME! Plus he bought me a cashmere scarf.......what a groovy brother right!

We did it up very traditional this year....cuz I am zany like that! Last year we had a New Orleans spread.......yum....Red beans and Rice.....bread pudding.....yum.

Hope you had a good feast! I know it is May......but this food needed to be shown!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Here is my latest TOOT. If you are a teacher....and you taught my child this year....then you are the recipient of this lovely little ditty, for teacher appreciation week.

We don't give enough credit sometimes to the sacrifices our teacher's make. They are grossly underpaid, and most of them, are fully committed to the success of our children.

Here is one of the many reason's I love teachers........

I am bringing you back with me to the third grade. My teacher was Mrs. Michaels......young, beautiful. She had an assistant, named Mrs. Thomas....also beautiful, also young, pregnant.

We had been learning about the Mayflower, pilgrims, Thanksgiving. I grew up with a single mom, we did not have a lot of money....I didn't really feel sorry for myself, just the way it was...plain and simple. So, often we went without some things.

It was a big celebration we were having with the other third grade classes, opening the dividers, we were going to have ourselves our own Thanksgiving, like had been shared with the Pilgrims, and Native Americans. Each student was asked to bring an item to share, large enough for 12 students. Sadness.......I asked, and it just wasn't an option. I didn't have the heart to tell my beautiful teacher I wouldn't be bringing anything, so.......I didn't. I just hoped to blend in....go unnoticed.

Then the announcements began......

"Thank you so much Shawna, for sharing with us this bread."

Then another...

"Thank you so much Carl for sharing with us these grapes."

This continued on down, with each child beaming at their thanks....and the item they brought.

Tears.....and sadness were about to overtake me.......

I wonder if I could throw up......and go to the nurse....... beautiful, kind, amazing teacher held up a bag of oranges, and announced....

"Thank you So Dak for sharing with us these oranges."

I thought I would die of adoration........She connected eyes with me, and that was it.....we never spoke of it.

I moved to a new town one month later. I moved 14 more times before I graduated from High School.

I NEVER forgot Mrs. Michaels.

I looked Mrs. Michaels up when I was about to graduate from High School, I wanted her to know what she meant to me, and let her know I had made it all the way. She was pretty easy to find, she was still teaching at the same school.

Would you believe.......she came to see me graduate......what an outstanding individual....THAT is one of the many reasons I try to appreciate teachers every chance I get.

Don't ever forgot how important you can be to a child, we are all teachers.....just take a second to notice.

Happy Mother's Day.