Friday, June 29, 2007

It's coming around! that I have made the insane choice to have this is time for prep...(you know I have been prepping for a week now....) I started here.

Then I got to here.......

THIS is the finished product........

See more insanity......18 kids beating it with a bat......THAT is insanity! This is the part where I fill them full of sugar....and send them home to their mommas!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Guess who is Craaay-zay!?

I, that's right.....ME! What sort of person in their right mind, invites 18 children to their house, all between the age's of 5 and 6? Oh, and I also thought this would be a good idea to do when it is at least 100 degrees outside, so they can all..... BE INSIDE!, I am soooo awesome. Stay tuned for all the crazy I have planned!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm gonna Wrap Him in Plastic!!

Have you changed the sheets on a bunk bed lately? How about a bunk bed which is so "safety" savvy the top bunk is surrounded by high rails? I have decided I am going to wrap Fash in plastic wrap, until he is 12! Then he can make his own stinking bed. (I am sure he could pull up the comforter now, but I will have him trained to make it to my liking by the time he is 12.) This way he will never really touch the I will never really need to change them, it will be pleasant for everyone all around I am, if you will excuse me......I have to go take another shower, because my sweat band didn't hold up this time while changing the sheets, while a-top the bed, all the while trying not to hit my head on the ceiling, or get my hands caught in the rail..............maybe I should just go back to bed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm baaack! The ol' ticker is working!

I have returned from my trip! I had a great time with sister-in-heart! I got some super shopping done.......which is uber exciting, because there is shopping here......BUT NOT THERE! Yipee! I also ate too much yum food, which made me feel happy...oh so happy!

The ticker seems to be in fine working order.....and they are going to start to ween (giggle) me off some medications! Doc got called away, so I am expecting the "official" order over the phone's a comin'

I also came home to some "good mail" Thanks Annie-HSF for the mints and nail polish--You're the best! I also sent some more good mail today, so....if you haven't received it from me just might be coming! You know who you are!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Say a little prayer for me.......forever, forever...I'll stay in your HEART!

I will be be MIA for a few days......unless I bump by a computer while I am out of town. Wish me well.....say a little prayer.....I will be going for my first 3 month check up following my "heart business" at the Mayo clinic, and I have to drive a distance--need anything while I am gone? I am hopeful, hopeful, hopeful--I can get off some of these medications! Sooo, I bid you au revoir for a bit.....I shall return, hopefully in full e-Function order! I am going to get some awesome shopping done with my sister-in-Heart!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oh Yeah....What did you do last night?

Soooo.....I got this insane idea to go out, oh....around midnight!

The thing is, this friend of mine, she saw me at lunch with the family yesterday, and she mentioned she would be doing the "relay for life" walk at the field that evening. I knew she was a cancer survivor, and I had donated towards her walk, I had not kept track of the day though. She reminded me the walk was from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM **what survivor wants to walk for 12 hours straight, through the middle of the night** I don't each their own. I casually asked if she had a lot of people walking with her on her team......six.........that is it......for twelve stinking hours! That is crazy I tell you! She said I should stop by if I was out...........what, like walking the streets at 3:00 AM? I am not that kind of girl anymore....*snicker*

Well....go figure, I put my walking shoes on at midnight, rather than sleep.....and went walking for an hour.........listened to the radio station, which was set up on the field, was humbled by the luminaries lining the field giving it a beautiful glow.....all in "memory" or "survivor" names. It was actually more peaceful than you would think.........Mister had stayed up waiting for me, and when I came home.....I snuggled in, a little bit closer....peeked in on the babes, and said a prayer of thankfulness.............I am so blessed. Oh yeah, and I never found her.........maybe I was there for me, and not her.....who knows.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Mail Girls....WELCOME!!!

So......I am here need to be sad, I have made a place for you.

Wanted to give you a "how to" on the silly package I sent out to you.

It is a get to know Angel tid-bit...

Take some guesses as to what each item means....purely for my enjoyment....then I will give a big happy high five to the person closest to getting me can't cheat, you know me too well. Oh, and in the end of course.....I will come clean on each little meaning.

There you have it, now you go.

OHHH the Pressure!

I am finally going to give it a whirl. Trouble is, I have so much to say.....I am perty sure I will spend too much time here. Will see I suppose...If it grows to fast, much like you know....the rest of me....I will just adjust-right!?

Hope I don't get too lonely here, all by myself.

"Yeah, me either...."