Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm a Salad!!

Do you ever have those moments when you think your children are smarter then you expect them to be?

We stopped by Mister's office to pick him up for lunch one day. We usually stay inside Vinnie, (the minivan) buckled up, and I just make a quick call, and he comes out to meet us. Sometimes, he may have to finish something up, and it takes a few extra minutes. This conversation happened one of those times, and it has since become a classic, we refer to, when we need an extra laugh.

Fash: When is he coming?
Me: Just another minute or two.
Sass: We should pretend we are invisible!
Me: Okay, why don't you practice right now.....quietly.
Fash: Mom! Mom! Tell Daddy I am a salad!

(I turn around to see this...)

Me: A salad?
Fash: Yeah, a salad! Tell him okay!
Me: Okay, I will tell Daddy you are a salad?....
Sass: A salad? I am going to be invisible!

(Out comes Mister)

Mister: Hi guys!
Me: They can't hear you.....Sass is invisible......and Fash.......well, he is a salad.

(Mister turns around to see this)

Mister: A salad, huh.....

(He starts to tickle Sass, to try to make him become visible.....all the while Fash is holding strong to his salad impression.......)

All of a sudden for Sass apparently it clicks!

Sass: Ha Ha! I get's called a SOLID! Not a salad!

We erupted in laughter! Suddenly it made perfect sense!

Monday, October 1, 2007

2.5 hours twice a week for just me.....I'm lonely!

It is official! My children are in school. Fash has started preschool. He is gone two days a week, for 2 1/2 hours. I initially much time, what am I going to do!? I know it might surprise you.....but those by.....lightening quick. I do feel like I am forgetting him everywhere I go. I do lots of turning around, looking. I am sure I look like a crazy lady everywhere I go....only difference from before is.....I usually look like a crazy lady totting a child or two. Here is the official day pictures! Does he look excited?

I am so proud of him.......he marched right in, took is back pack off.....and waved looking back. Wasn't exactly the magical moment I hoped to scrap book in my head, but it is exactly what I should have expected. Even his big brother says he admires how brave he is.
In his "cubby" on his first day! His favorite thing at school is to paint. Daddy's office is starting to look like a gallery.
Do you know what this means people? At first I thought it meant I was getting old......then I decided, wow.....I look REALLY good for having kids in school!

I sure do love him the bluest!!