Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fattiest baby Evah!!

This is pretty much the most fun thing I take a peek at every day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My hockey players!!

This past weekend Sass scored a record 12 goals in three games. One of the games one other child scored one game, he was the only scorer.....In the last game he scored two hat tricks! (In hockey speak, scoring three goals in a single game.) We found out he did this......all with an ear infection....yeah, he is a total stud.

Also at the same tournament Fash scored his very first goal! He is all about amusement on the ice....doesn't take the game too skated over to the boards in the middle of the game, to try to talk to me through the glass, to insure I did in fact witness, said goal. Yeah, he is a total stud too!

Coach Mister coached three teams through the tournament....a total of 12 games. He did this all we find out, while having strep throat.....yeah, I got myself a full group of studs.

I am sooo awesome.

In seven days time....

In a matter of one short week....these are the things that have happened.

We had an ultra sound....Dr. described baby as "perfect" as if I would have expected anything else! Plus...he is a boy!

Apparently a pregnant homemaker makes for a good Federal Grand Juror choice. Only a twelve month commitment....found out I am not that wild of a person....cuz there are some crazies out there......should be good times.

I scraped my van against a parked car at noon.

Was accused of a hit and run, and threatened with a ticket for suspicion of a DUI.

Watched a concert at Fash's preschool....of which he sang the loudest, and played the coolest instrument.

Watched a concert which Sass participated in....he of course was the cutest, though I couldn't differentiate him between any of the other children!

I can't wait to see what next week brings.